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Everything Aunt Sharon has ever accomplished have been a leap of FAITH. 

Aunt Sharon's Skin Care is another example of her Faith in action.

Aunt Sharon has always been the creative type with an entrepreneurial spirit. One who seeks to find solutions to the problems she observes. Her handsome husband's hair was a problem (see photo below).  His mixed gray hair lacked the fullness and luster he desired and the softness she desired to feel.

So, Aunt Sharon began experimenting with different butters and oils until she achieved the desired product, hence Aunt Sharon's Total Body Butter was born.

Remember when we shared with you the condition of Aunt Sharon's husband's hair? Well, he began using Aunt Sharon's Total Body Butter daily and the results were wonderful. His hair is thickening (see photo below), softer and his skin is well moisturized too.

Aunt Sharon's philosophy is simple, when you know of something good and it works, why not share it?

Happy Moisturizing.

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